Books are interesting, entertaining, and informative. They constitute an essential resource for our students’ training process. They allow them to imagine, discover, travel, and learn about the world around them.

Reading a book is an adventure, so sharing and recommending a book we have read is great for getting to know other opinions, new people, and, why not, our next read.

Furthermore, it increases our curiosity and knowledge, keeps us informed, awakens our imagination and inspiration, makes ideas emerge, and constitutes a source of inspiration to be better and grow together, sharing what we like so much: the pleasure of reading.

This week, we have a special book recommendation from one of our students, BRUNO CARLO BUENO BALASSONE, from 5th grade A. He has shared with us a book that he found particularly captivating and we can’t wait to dive into it.




Title: Sherlock Holmes; The Blue Diamond.

Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Characters: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are the main characters.

Summary of the Book:

This is a book of mystery and suspense. The main characters are Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. They have to find a beautiful diamond that had disappeared. The diamond belongs to a very rich Countess. The Countess put an advertisement in the newspaper asking for help. The detectives have to find the diamond. They investigate all the suspects and some witnesses helped them too.

Finally, Sherlock Homes found the diamond inside the stomach of a goose. Mr. James Ryder, the Assistant Manager of the Cosmopolitan Hotel, where the Countess had lost her diamond, was the thief. It was Christmas time, so Sherlock Holmes gave Mr. James Ryder another opportunity to be a good man.

Personal Opinion:

This is a very interesting book; it’s a book of mystery and suspense. At some points it was long for me, but I looked up all the words I didn’t understand in the dictionary and that helped me to understand better. It was very entertaining.

I recommend this book because it’s a good way to practice English, specifically British English. Reading helps to improve your level of English.